Allergic to Cats? Here are 7 Hypoallergenic Cats to consider.

7 Hypoallergenic Cats for People with Allergies If you’re an allergy sufferer who also happens to be a cat lover, you may be interested in low-allergen cats. But what makes a cat hypoallergenic? Low-allergen, or hypoallergenic cats, are those that typically produce fewer allergens than “regular” cats. The operative word here is “fewer.” Hypoallergenic cats andRead More »

Suggestions on how to keep your cat happy when you are away.

  When faced with leaving their furry companions alone during the day, pet parents often suffer from separation anxiety — not so much from their pets as from themselves and their own guilt over leaving their pets to fend for themselves in a lonely house. Here are four ways to help your cat stay occupiedRead More »

Some suggetions for your pet on July 4th.

1. Keep pets inside during celebrations. While many humans love fireworks, they can be terrifying for pets, and a neighborhood that is normally quiet but becomes busy and loud on the Fourth of July can also cause undue stress—even to pets who are normally outside. When fireworks are likely to go off in your neighborhoodRead More »

Keeping Pets Safe at Home – 3 quick tips to think on

Here at My Cat Concierge, we provide personal experience when discussing most topics.   Today we will be covering, “Keeping Pets Safe at Home – 3 quick tips to think on.” Don’t be trashy. Dogs and cats alike seem to love the smell, taste and texture of trash, and they will go out of theirRead More »