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Why is my cat scratching and pulling their hair out?

Long haired dark calico cat asleep on the bed

Here at My Cat Concierge, we have been asked a lot of strange and crazy cat questions since the interception of our business. For that reason, we always like to take client’s questions and provide you a best-case resolution for crazy cat delights.

Today we will be covering, “Why is my cat scratching and pulling their hair out?”


This is my gay cat. His testicles were internal which is why I thought He was a She. Very rare for this to  happen.


From my experience as a human living in Texas I suffer severe allergies. My beloved cat “Sadie” suffered more than I did. Each year we would start with prescription allergy medication. Most of the time I would also have to take him in early spring to the Vet  to get an allergy shot before the medication would help him.

Veterinarians do not like to give these unless it’s dire circumstances due to it’s hard on their kidneys, and Sadie was in dire straights each year.

Sadie’s Vet would say each time,” Yep, true Texan cat”.

If you find your cat still scratches after you give them flea medication it might be a good idea to take them in to the Vet to determine if it’s allergy related. Your cat will be a happy camper once they stop itching, pulling out their hair and creating bald spots.

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