Some suggetions for your pet on July 4th.

1. Keep pets inside during celebrations. While many humans love fireworks, they can be terrifying for pets, and a neighborhood that is normally quiet but becomes busy and loud on the Fourth of July can also cause undue stress—even to pets who are normally outside. When fireworks are likely to go off in your neighborhoodRead More »

Why is my cat scratching and pulling their hair out?

Long haired dark calico cat asleep on the bed

Here at My Cat Concierge, we have been asked a lot of strange and crazy cat questions since the interception of our business. For that reason, we always like to take client’s questions and provide you a best-case resolution for crazy cat delights. Today we will be covering, “Why is my cat scratching and pullingRead More »

What is Your Cat Sitting Cancellation Policy?

  Here at My Cat Concierge, we know and understand that everyone has busy lives and therefore have things that come up from time to time. With this being the case, we always receive this question either over the phone or during our initial appointment, which is “What is Your Cat Sitting Cancellation Policy?” SinceRead More »