Common Questions

Most Common Questions

Why Should I Use a Cat Sitter?

Unlike dogs where they can adapt, cats traditionally like familiar environments. Even the cat experts agree by stating that when cats or kittens are kept at home they experience less from both the encounters of other animals and the transporting process.

What Services Do You Offer?

My Cat Concierge offers a vast number of options and packages for each and every cat owner, this include 15 & 30 minute time slots, overnights, multiple visits, boarding, and more. However some of our services have limited availability so call and ask for details if you have a specific need or want.

Why My Cat Concierge?

We are 100% totally committed to providing the absolute best cat care service and back that up with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. An since we are an experienced sitter service you will be able to once again enjoy knowing that you can work those long days, take short trips, or even a multiple or long extended stay vacation without having the worry about your cat or kitten at home.

How Do We Get Keys to Your Property?

When we get a new client, we will come by your home and do an assessment with your cat or kitten to make sure we understand their routine and fill out any necessary paperwork.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, My Cat Concierge is fully bonded and insured. An to add additional peace of mind, each and every employee have undergone criminal background checks.

What payments methods do we accept?

My Cat Concierge accepts cash and checks at this time.

Bonus Offer!!!

If you refer someone to us and we secure the client, we will give you a $5 gift card for the referral.

Is services more expensive for the holidays?

We have a $10 surcharge for any major holiday visit which includes New Year’s Eve & Day, Valentine’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, 4th of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Day.

Do you administer medications?

We can administer pills and shots within reason.

What happens if cat or kitten become ill while I am away?

All of our sitters are trained in cat first aid and has the knowledge to handle emergency situations.

However if the cat or kitten needs a vet, we will transport your loved one to receive vet care and attention, this service will be billed at $40/hr.

My Cat Concierge is not responsible for any bills or charges that may be accessed to treat your cat or kitten.

Will you visit my cat every other day?
For safety reasons the answer is NO. A cat needs to have their box scooped at least once a day. Their box is like our toilet. If it’s dirty would you use your toilet? Neither will the cat.

Keeping a clean box prevents the cat from sickness or developing habits to go in areas that the owner would not appreciate which would lead to either putting the cat outside or rehoming the cat.

What if there is a problem with my home while I am away?

If it is not an emergency we will try and contact you but if we are unable to reach you can deal with it when you get home. If it is an emergency and we can’t contact you we will reach out to the individuals that you have listed and any time spent during this process will be billed at $40/hr. My Cat Concierge is not responsible for any charges or fees that can be accessed.

Do you send daily cat updates?

We will send you pictures or a text at each visit.

Can I pick the time of the visit?

Since everyone have a unpredictable life including our employees we can’t guarantee any exact time for the visit but we can guarantee time slots. We require 2 hour windows to alot for traffic and multiple client visits.

What is the cancellation policy?

My Cat Concierge requires a 48hr notice cancellation for any and all cat/pet related services. If the notice is not received you will be charged at the normal rate.

Can I leave a tip for the sitter?

The answer YES Absolutely! Our sitters loves tips and appreciate them greatly especially if they have any above the call of duty for your loved one.