Crazy Cat Lady

Meet Gina & Olive

My mother was the first “Crazy Cat Lady” I knew. Through her love of cats, I became the next “Crazy Cat Lady” in the generational line.

Gina holding a black and white catI had my first cat at a young age that was black, not sure what his name was. When we moved to the country I developed a love for more than just cats, dogs, cows, and horses were a huge part of my life for several years.

When I left home, I did not have a cat for quite a few years until one day someone called me about a kitten they had found in a field. It was a Siamese whom I named Samson. I taught Samson how to box and when Little Girl (Persian) came along he would monkey flip her all the time. It was so funny to watch. Samson only lived a few years, Little Girl lived to about 9 years.

After her was Goliath (Siamese), Ash (Black cat), Missy (Scottish Fold), Bathsheba (Black cat), Sadie who was a boy (Brindle mix), and currently Olive (Tuxedo). I have loved several cats in my lifetime.

Another image of Gina smiling and hold a black and white catSadie was where I learned the most about a cat’s behavior. He taught me that they grieve when they lose a companion which was Bathsheba. Living with Sadie for 9 years was what encouraged me to become a professional cat sitter. He was my first and only, inside/outside cat and kept me on a schedule. 3 AM he would be at the door to come in, 4:30 AM he would want out before I left for work. 4 PM he would be at the door when I returned from work. 6 PM he would go out. We did this for 9 years and I would not trade it for anything, however; I do not believe a cat should be outdoors. They run the risk of someone poisoning them, or getting infected with the FIV or FILV which is a death sentence for them, not to mention the constant worry about your cat; especially in bad weather.

When Olive and I lost Sadie, I was concerned she would grieve, when in fact, she was ecstatic. She is Queen Cat and no one else is allowed.

Along with my passion for cats I volunteer at Classy Cats, as well as Citizens on Patrol/Code Blue which I assist the North Fort Worth Police Department.

Meet my new addition, Shadow who is now 1 year old and an Abyssinian. I never knew a cat could have the characteristics of a dog until he came to stay. Please follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.