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Keeping Pets Safe at Home – 3 quick tips to think on

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Today we will be covering, “Keeping Pets Safe at Home – 3 quick tips to think on.”

  1. Don’t be trashy. Dogs and cats alike seem to love the smell, taste and texture of trash, and they will go out of their way to play in that arena while you’re away. Many things in our trash that may seem benign to us can be dangerous to pets, including chicken bones, which are choking hazards because of their brittle nature. Take all the trash outside when you leave for any length of time, or place trashcans out of your pet’s reach.
  1. Do sweat the small stuff. Remove small toys, string and other chocking hazards such as rubber bands from your pet’s area in your home. They may love these things as toys, but the risk of chocking is high, and I need to note I had a cat that loved hair ties so much it blocked her up to the point I could not do anything. I gave her a bag of 100of a period of time and I never found any of them later. Put away cat toys with strings when you will not be there to supervise the play. Consider, too, if your pet’s toys are sized appropriately. A ball meant for a smaller animal can lodge within a larger one’s throat.

  1. Don’t count on nine lives. Cats aren’t always as nimble footed and self-sufficient as legend has it. Check for places where they can become stuck, such as behind the refrigerator, fireplace openings, tight places between the bed and the wall, and seal up those openings. Close all toilet lids before you leave the house.



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