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“Do you know your cat’s litter box habits?”

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Today we will be covering, “Do you know your cat’s litter box habits?”

Part of being a Pet Sitter is paying attention to the box when I scoop it. I watch for pee patterns and poop the pet leaves behind. Depending on their diet, I may mention something if any of it appears unusual or they don’t use the box at all.

My cat poops every other day most of the time. If she has not gone after two days I am sure she may be a bit clogged up. I give her grass to help her out. Sometimes I grow it, or if it’s plentiful in the yard I go out and cut her fresh grass each day. Yes, I am out there with scissors, pulling up the grass, cutting off the roots, and then trim it a little. The grass is moist at the root instead of at the top. She won’t eat dry grass.

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