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Senior Cats


In the human world, as we mature so does our bodies. Each year something outside as well as inside our bodies age.


In the animal world, theirs do as well at  a more rapidly speed than ours which is why most humans do not realize that our four legged friends need help to see, to jump, to move, to wipe bottoms, just about everything aging humans need so do our feline friends.

If your cat is in their later years which starts at age 9, I suggest night lights in each room, especially in the room where their food and box are located.

Create a ramp to make it easier for your kitty to go into the box if it sits high. Or try a box that sits low and the kitty can step into it. I use a box that has a 4 sided lid that connects to it to prevent litter from going everywhere which I purchased at Amazon (IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box Kit with Shield and Scoop, Blue).

Consider using doggie pads lined around the box  if your kitty gets there but just can’t quite hold it long enough to get into the box. (I can relate with that sometimes)

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