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Territorial Marking

Spraying, or marking territory with urine, is a natural behavior for both male and female cats. It is a form or communication, and should not be confused with ordinary urination outside of the litter box.

You can help diminish your cat’s need to spray by creating “friendly zones” by using your cat’s own pheromones or Feliway, a synthetic feline pheromone available in many stores. To use your cat’s pheromones, rub a soft cloth between your cat’s eye and ear. Wipe the cloth on the soiled area repeatedly over several weeks. This tells your cat this is a “friendly zone” and diminishes its need to mark the area. Follow the product’s directions, spraying it on the soiled areas several times for a month.

Feliway can be used as well by spraying it in the air if around a nervous cat by helping them calm down and realize you are not a threat.

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