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What Foods Are Toxic to Cats?


Here are just a few foods to start with:

Can cats have alcohol?

Absolutely not.  Alcohol  can cause intoxication (with just a tiny amount), possibly a coma and even death.

Can cats have chocolate, caffeine and coffee?

Cats just don’t need the pick-me-up that humans seem to crave, which is a good thing, as stimulants aren’t good for them and can be toxic.

Can cats eat fat trimmings?

Worst-case scenario: You’re rushing your cat to the emergency vet with a case of pancreatitis. Best case: It can make your cat obese.

Can cats have milk and dairy?

Wild cats eat other animals. They aren’t sitting around lapping up bowls of milk. So it’s no surprise that some of their a-little-less-wild indoor cousins are lactose intolerant. Best to just stay away from this unless you want to clean up diarrhea.

Unsure if something is toxic to your cat?

Call the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Hotline, which is always open and staffed. A consultation fee may be charged. 888-426-4435; aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control.

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